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Sherricka Yvette is a Neo-soul creative from Houston, TX who's mission is to heal communities through art. Singing became her passion at 5 years old when she joined the church choir where her gandfather was a preacher. Since then, she has contunied to perfect her craft by singing in her middle school, high school, and collegiate chorales. Some of her biggest influences are artists like Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Amel Larrieux, just to name a few. Although she always knew she wanted to pursue a career in the arts, her 20's were full of ups and downs that pulled her away from her true passion. Creating music.  After moving to California, she released her first mixtape, The DIY Project, and began exploring her talents as a singer-songwriter.


A few years later, she took her talents to NYC and realized her purpose was much bigger than herself. During this chaotic and revolutionary time, finding solace in bringing healing to the world through art became a priority. December 2019 she released an EP entitled "Just the Beginning", a groovy and light project that tells the story of a young woman navigating  today's world. It includes her singles Aloe Vera and Cruise, which are accompanied by soul-soothing visuals.

Come join her on her mission to bring a little more healing into our world.

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Jam Session

Just the Beginning

Just the Beginning

The DIY Project

The DIY Project


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Houston, TX

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